Choose from our options below and submit to place your order for the holidays! Make sure you double check that your e-mail & phone number are both correct, and that the e-mail you list is one you check, as you will be contacted there in the next 2 business days to confirm your order & provide a final price. All orders are paid via e-transfer, with details being given in the confirmation e-mail. at this time there are no other payment options. Orders have a hard cutoff of 5pm on Tuesday, December 15!. Unfortunately due to the second wave of COVID-19 we will be unable to have pickup locations in St. Catharines & Kitchener, we are very sorry and hope you can make it out to one of the pickup days in Hamilton to snag your food if you're hoping to order.

IMPORTANT NOTE:please make sure you double check your form & that you are able to pick your food up before submitting, there are no refunds once order has been placed & paid for & we cannot hold the food for you for another day. if you are unable to pick your food up it will be donated to a local food bank, again there are NO REFUNDS for missed pick ups or plan changes.

pickup at coⓋen (681 Barton St. E)

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4-Pack Krabby Patties ($9)
4-Pack Mozzarella Sticks ($9)
8-Pack Rescue Dogs in Blankets ($9)


11"x9" "Meat" + Veggie Lasagna ($26)
11"x9" Shepherds Pie(GF) - ($22)
9" Chkn Pot Pie (feeds 4-6)- ($20)
9" Broccoli, Ham, & Cheese Pot Pie (feeds 4-6)- ($20)
Family Sized Pineapple Glazed Ham (feeds 4-5) - ($20)
Stuffed "Turkey" Roast (feeds 4-5) - ($22)
3-Pack Cabbage Rolls ($15)


1 Litre Chkn & Rice Soup ($10)
1/2 Litre Mushroom Gravy ($6)
1/2 Litre Candied Yams ($7)
1/2 Litre of Nacho Cheez Sauce(GF) ($7)
1/2 Litre Cranberry Sage Stuffing ($5)
1/2 Dozen Large Bake-At-Home Cheesy Garlic Buns ($6)

9" Lemon Meringue Pie ($26)
9" Gluten Free Lemon Meringue Pie ($29)
9" Chocolate Meringue Pie ($28)
9" Gluten Free Chocolate Meringue Pie ($31)
4-Pack Bake Yourself Cinnamon Buns w/ Frosting ($18)