Choose from our options below and submit to place your order for the holidays! Make sure you double check that your e-mail & phone number are both correct, and that the e-mail you list is one you check, as you will be contacted there in the next 2 business days to confirm your order & provide a final price. All orders are paid via e-transfer, with details being given in the confirmation e-mail. at this time there are no other payment options. Orders have a hard cutoff of 5pm on Thursday, April 2!

IMPORTANT NOTE:please make sure you double check your form & that you are able to pick your food up before submitting, there are no refunds once order has been placed & paid for & we cannot hold the food for you for another day. if you are unable to pick your food up it will be donated to a local food bank, again there are NO REFUNDS for missed pick ups or plan changes.

HOME DELIVERY INFORMATION: Due to the concerns over COVID-19 we will be offering home delivery within our home region of Hamilton. This goes for people who live in all areas of the city of hamilton as well as Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Dundas, & Waterdown. Deliveries will be on the day you choose only, and will be left on your front porch as to avoid unnecessary contact. Our driver will leave the package infront of your door and send you a text message confirming the delivery has arrived. We are unable to guarantee specific times inside or outside of our 3pm-7pm delivery range.

Pickup at coⓋen (681 Barton St. E)

Choose Pick-Up Date
Do you want home delivery on your selected date? ($10)
11"x9" "Meat" + Veggie Lasagna ($26)
11"x9" Shepherds Pie(GF) - ($22)
9 Chkn Pot Pie (feeds 4-6)- ($20)
Family Sized Pineapple Glazed Ham (feeds 4-5) - ($20)
1/4 Litre Dill Aioli(GF) ($6)
1 Litre Southern Potato Salad(GF) ($9)
1 Litre Greek Pasta Salad ($9)
1/2 Litre Mushroom Gravy ($6)
1/2 Litre of Nacho Cheez Sauce(GF) ($7)
1/4 Litre Garlic Whipped Butter(GF) ($4)
1/2 Dozen Large Cheesy Garlic Buns ($6)
1/2 Dozen Large Hot Cross Buns ($10)
9" Lemon Meringue Pie ($26)
9" Gluten Free Lemon Meringue Pie ($29)
9" Blueberry Pie ($24)
4-Pack Bake Yourself Cinnamon Buns w/ Frosting ($17)
4-Pack Bake Yourself Raspberry Buns w/ Frosting ($18)